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Werner Paddles

    Handcrafted in the USA. For generations this statement has stood for quality goods built by caring experts. Over forty years ago Werner Furrer Sr. saw a need to design and build his own kayak paddles. His goal was to give his family more enjoyment as they explored the waters of the Pacific North West. Today, a short distance from where the first paddle was built in the family garage, Werner Paddles now calls Sultan Washington home. It is here that the employees of our design and production team handcraft the world's finest kayak, canoe and stand up paddles. It is these folks who pour their pride into every paddle to give our customers more enjoyment on the water. This pride and quality workmanship is evident every time you pick up a Werner Paddle. You see in our unsurpassed attention to quality and feel it with every stroke.

    On behalf of the Furrer family, our production people and the entire team at Werner Paddles we want to thank you for supporting us and taking pride, in our commitment to handcrafting our paddles in Sultan, Washington. This has been and will continue to be, the Werner way and we guarantee you will feel it every time you pick up one of our paddles.

    "There was no big plans to build a business… it all started as a way for the family to spend quality time together in the outdoors.

    With money tight and equipment generally not available, I decided to experiment with making equipment myself. I learned everything I could about fiberglass and building kayaks and soon the entire family was involved. Martha, my wife, even made our life jackets.

I applied my experience as a professional engineer working with water turbines and theories about the effect of water flowing around obstacles to different paddle shapes… always keeping in mind efficient water flow off the paddle and that a good paddle should move effortlessly through the water.

    With the 1972 Olympics in his site, my son Werner Jr., set out to support his Olympic dream by building and selling our paddle designs. It wasn’t long before individuals and specialty kayak shops were asking for Werner’s paddles by name.

    I am proud to have been the spark for Werner Paddles, and Martha and I are especially proud of our family for building a successful business with so much integrity. Our employees, old and new, are part of our extended family and deserve their share of credit for our growth. In 1986 Werner Paddles incorporated and today we are known as the premier paddle brand and for offering the most advanced designs in the world. I am so proud… as I paddle into open water my thoughts are with the future of Werner Paddles.”