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Red Paddle Co

    Red Paddle Co was founded in 2007 after we had spent time paddling all types of boards in all types of conditions. We haven’t just jumped on a bandwagon after seeing how popular the sport was becoming. We were paddlers first before we were a brand. With an increasing number of copycat brands in both the hard and inflatable market place the choice for the customer is endless.

    You can rest assured though that we are focussed on our mission to provide inflatable boards that work and are a realistic replacement for hard boards for all types of paddlers. There is no comparison between a Red Air and a copy cat board. After a long time making inflatable boards we know what price is acceptable and have worked to create the best board at the best price.

    It’s been a long road of discovery – a road that we are well travelled on now. We know what works, what doesn’t and where the problems lie. We’ve got here through passion, hard work and a desire to not give up when confronted with challenges whether they be in design, distribution or development.  In this site you will find all of our 2012 information. We believe in functional development. We only make changes when we can make something better. That’s why you will see updated deck pads with better traction and perfect adhesion to the deck, a great new ALLWATER shape and some new paddles to complement our already popular range. Take a look. We think you will like what you see. 2011 has been a great year. 2012 is going to be amazing.