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    Starting out as a dream on the banks of Western North Carolina’s Green River Narrows in 1999, Liquidlogic came into being in an old farmhouse in Flat Rock, NC in 2001. Now, having teamed up with Legacy Paddlesports in Greensboro, we work out of an active and once dusty shop (we finally installed some quality ventilation) just miles from the road down to the put-in of the Green River.

    Enter the front door, take a left, and meet Chris Oblinger (aka Obie). Between days on the Green and evenings on his mountain bike, Obie works as the head of customer service and will always greet you with genuine interest and comical jest. Walk down the hall and notice penciled sketches and designs of numerous kayaks scattered on the desk. Listen closely and you’ll hear bluegrass blaring from the shop, inviting you in to a world of craftsmanship. Open the door and find Shane Benedict, a designer since 1994, shaping his new dynamic playboat. Shane, who ranks at the top of the world’s veteran playboaters, is a champion clogger, and can field strip a chicken wing in 2 seconds flat, looks up and gives you a natural, friendly grin. Having kayaked since 1979, Shane was a 10-year US Freestyle Team Member, two-time World Freestyle medalist, and highly acclaimed instructor for NOC. You are also aware of a presence meandering in and out of offices, editing posters, refining catalogs, advising on boat designs, and making everyone around him laugh. Meet Woody Calloway, paddling legend and Liquidlogic’s Lifestyle Maintenance Technician (we are not that big on titles here). Since 1982, Woody has spent his time on rivers, chatting with any friendly passers-by at the take-out, pushing limits on creeks, creating squirt boating moves, and endlessly promoting the sport of whitewater kayaking (he has won his share of parties too).

    Jumping out of his black pick-up truck, Bryon Phillips walks in through the garage-style door of the shop. Bryon, a true veteran of the sport, learned how to paddle in a squirt boat in the middle of Colorado winters. Immediately hooked, Bryon went on to develop Sinn Kayaks with his brother and is now the head of design for Liquidlogic and all of Legacy Paddlesports.

    All of us are fun, hard-working individuals who know what it means to spend a day on the river. And with the recent merger with Legacy Paddlesports, our family has only become stronger. We now manufacture out of a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled factory which provides unparalleled consistency in molding. Combine a production environment unequaled in the paddlesports industry with the most experienced team in the business, and it’s clear how Liquidlogic & Legacy have quickly become world wide brands with distribution centers in Europe, New Zealand, Japan, and Russia. Even so, we at Liquidlogic have kept our family as close-knit, strong, and as thriving as ever. With our headquarters just miles from world-class rapids like Gorilla, Sunshine, and Hammer Factor, we consistently push ourselves to create solid, responsive, and innovative kayaks. We make it our goal every day to provide you with the safest, most reliable, and dynamic kayaks on the market. We test every piece as if our very own lives depended on it; we demand high quality; we accept nothing less. With over 100 years of combined paddling experience, Liquidlogic is a unique family of visionary craftsmen, world-class athletes, and industry veterans who know that the difference between good and great kayaks can make or break the best of days. So venture on over to the Liquidlogic family and join us for a paddle on the Green!