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Double Dutch

Double Dutch producer of light weight composite kayaks and paddles since 1980


How it started

In 1980 Double Dutch started making composite kayaks for the local market. Obsessed by trying to reduce the weight of the kayaks a lot of time and effort was spend to achieve this. Working with carbon fibre, epoxy resin, foam core sandwich constructions was never done before in the production of slalom kayaks. At the beginning of 1981 the first boats were made with vacuum technology.  
Double Dutch was the first to use vacuum-foam core-sandwich technology to produce competition kayaks. The result was a 6 kg slalom boat. No one else had ever done that before. The boats were light, strong and stiff at the same time. This brought us the big entry into the competition market. Everybody wanted a boat like that. Within short time Double Dutch was the leading brand!! A few years later we started making paddles. First they were hand laminated foam core paddles. To increase strength and reduce weight foam core reinforced PRE-PREG paddles were introduced by Double Dutch.


Due to the great quality there was a demand for other high-tech composite products. Double Dutch started to produce other products like car parts, hockey sticks, north pole sledges, catamarans, ultra light planes, ……..and a lot more. Because the company produced a wide range of composite products the name changed into Dutch Composites. The kayaks and paddles kept the brand name Double Dutch.


Between the late 80s and early 2000 most of the Olympic, World-cup and World championship medals (slalom) were won with the use of our boats and paddles.  OF COURSE WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THAT!!!  Unfortunately due to the enormous increase of the company we lost contact to our users, the kayaking world. At the same time new companies started producing kayaks and paddle in many cases using technology invented by us. Often our kayak and paddle designs were successfully copied by our colleagues. Our market share decreased. We still are one of the biggest players on the market but

It was time for a change….


How it continues, the future….

The change came,…….
In January 2008 Sander van Kuijl took over the kayak and paddle production as well as the name Double Dutch.  Sander has always been involved in Double Dutch. First as a sponsored paddler, later in marketing and design. Together with Neil Baxter he designed most of the slalom kayaks between 1991 - 2011.  

2012 New focus
Double Dutch will focus on paddle production. To continuesly work on improving our products, and to stay on top of it we have decided to focus on paddles. This means to we will stop producing kayaks and canoes. 
In 2012 we will come with new designs for different diciplines. Quality, service, innovations, continues improvement are the tools to get there!!! 
The whole staff of Double Dutch follow the same mission and is proud to produce the best products for you!!!